Monday, July 16th, 2012

Chelsea Handler, David Letterman, Jon Stewart Among TV's Most Overpaid, Kind Of

The LA Times looked at the salaries of 24 people on television and compared it to how popular their shows were. The result was a list of who was overpaid and underpaid. Here are the comedians on the list (and Snooki):

#1 Chelsea Hander: Salary: $12 million | Ratings: 0.718 million | Pay per viewer: $16.70
#3 David Letterman: Salary: $31 million | Ratings: 3.2 million | Pay per viewer: $9.69
#4 Jon Stewart: Salary: $14 million | Ratings: 1.7 million | Pay per viewer: $8.24
#6 Craig Ferguson: Salary: $8.5 million | Ratings: 1.5 million | Pay per viewer: $5.67
#11: Stephen Colbert: Salary: $4.5 million | Ratings: 1.2 million | Pay per viewer: $3.75
#12 Jimmy Kimmel : Salary: $6 million | Ratings: 1.8 million | Pay per viewer: $3.33
#16 Tina Fey: Salary: $7.2 million | Ratings: 4.6 million| Pay per viewer: $1.57
#18 Ashton Kutcher: Salary: $17 million | Ratings: 14.7 million | Pay per viewer: $1.16
#23: Snooki: Salary: $1.2 million | Ratings: 7.6 million | Pay per viewer: $0.16
#24: Ty Burrell (Modern Family): Salary: $1.1 million | Ratings: 13.3 million | Pay per viewer: $0.08

The problem is, for whatever reason, the list ignores the fact that the people at the top are doing upwards of 200 episodes a year, opposed to the 24 that Ty Burrell does. It also ignores that many of these people, like Tina Fey, are being paid as producers/creators/showrunners as well. That being said, it's fun to see how much money people make. What I'm trying to say is: Mr. Letterman, please give me some money, please.

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  • morley

    It's also worth noting that cable shows commands higher ad rates than network shows.

    Hey, where'd everyone go?

  • Nate

    It also overlooks the fact that Modern Family is not "The Ty Burrell Show" … there are probably a half-dozen or more million dollar salaries on that show, with Ed O'Neill making significantly more than the rest of them.

  • jaycees

    chelsea hander sucks big black dicks. Should be a pole dancer.