Monday, July 9th, 2012

Chevy Chase Once Dressed like a Punk and Proceeded to Fight Punks

Fast-forward to the 6:50 mark. How crazy is this? How strong must Chevy have been? All those years of physical comedy must've given him super strength. This was from a taping of The Top, a live music show that Chase was supposed to host before he got into this fight. (Andy Kaufman replaced him, which ended up being his last appearance before passing.) Though Chevy hasn't dressed like a punk since, he's surely acted like a punk (meaning a brat, not like he's going around singing Agnostic Front). [Via]

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  • jbsquare

    They describe this in detail in the book  In Heaven Everything Is Fine: The Unsolved Life of Peter Ivers and the Lost History of New Wave Theatre.    

  • rogerbix

    WTF with the cameraman trying to break up the fight? That's not your job, dude. You shoot the video of the fight, then you shoot the video of OTHER PEOPLE breaking up the fight. Jeeze.