Chris Messina’s ‘Mindy Project’ Character to Be TV’s Han Solo

“I’m super scared to do a network comedy because I’ve never done one before, so when she first asked, I told her no a bunch of times. But she kept coming back to me. At first, this guy was named Clayton Brooks, and he was much more uptight, and when I said no, she gave him a different name — Danny Castellano — and a different upbringing and a different personality, and it became impossible to say no. Danny is now more of a ball-buster. He’s jaded. He’s got a chip on his shoulder, but he’s fun, like Bruce Willis in Moonlighting or Han Solo in Star Wars.”
Chris Messina on telling Mindy Kaling that he wanted his Mindy Project character to be a real cool dude. No word yet on which character is like Chewbacca.

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