Friday, July 13th, 2012

Listen to Matt Besser Explain How People Constantly Misunderstand "Yes, and"

"'Yes, and' is about agreement. Agreement doesn't necessarily mean you literally say the word yes all the time… In fact you more often probably do say no. Agreement means I'm agreeing with the improviser, not that I'm agreeing with the character… Agreement is I'm agreeing to your premise."
Matt Besser on the latest episode of improv4humans explaining the common misconception over what "yes, and" means. It's part of a well-articulated rant on the subject that shows why he is an improv legend. You can download the episode on iTunes or listen to it here. Start at the 75:45 mark, so you don't have to hear Chris Gore talk out his ass about why he doesn't like improv.

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  • kevinmarshall

    Chris Gore came off awful and Besser all the better for being as patient as he was. Particularly the part where Gore deigns to appropriate general obnoxious behavior with improv. 

    And what about his claim that the entire restaurant burst out into applause and laughter after he stood up and said "you're pregnant?!" to an unsuspecting date? That was wholly unbelievable and a weird thing for an adult to expect another adult to believe.