Friday, July 13th, 2012

Mindy Walks Some Lines in New Promo

With 30 Rock coming to a close this fall, it seems like Mindy is poised to be the new queen of "having it all." Do you think she'll be able to balance it all? She is good at balancing on those colorful hallway lines, so that's a start, right? No? Fair enough. [Via]

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  • HollywoodCarson

    I can take Mindy in small doses. But I'll give this a "shot."  Get it? Cuz she's a doctor and it's set in a hospital and there's like medical stuff everywhere?   Come on people, wake up out there!

  • RobertBooey

    I love her in the Office, but this seems kinda bad. Do we really need another 'young sassy female' show?