Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

NBC: "We (Abstract Rainbow Peacock Graphic) Comedy"

NBC is going to include a little logo at the bottom of all their ads promoting their 10 fall comedies. In the style of "I <3 NY", it will read "We (NBC logo) Comedy" and look like this:  It's supposed to remind people of NBC's long history of great comedies and have them translate that goodwill to their new sitcoms.

New sitcoms that will be very much different from the shows that often get discussed on this site.  NBC's man in charge Robert Greenblatt put it this way: "Those Thursday comedies, which the critics love and we love, tend to be a bit more narrow than we ultimately like as we go forward." He continued:

"Given what's happened at the network over the last four or five years, the general decline across the whole week, the loss of circulation, you just can't get the biggest audience for those shows. They tend to be a little more narrow, a little more sophisticated than you want for a real broad audience."

Sure, if sophistication is the enemy than a show like Animal Practice is Batman.

We'll all be able to get to watch these unsophisticated new sitcoms online for two weeks before their unsophisticated TV debuts (save Go On and Animal Practice, which are making super early Olympic-related previews). I look forward to the episode of Guys With Kids when the guys just sit there drinking beer, making fart noises, and watching their kids trip and make funny faces. Greenblatt will describe the episode as, "totes unsoph."

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  • TuchmanMarsh

    Animal Practice actually has a very comedy nerd friendly pedigree: Scot Armstrong and Ravi Nandan (who both last executive produced Best Friends Forever) are EP's, The Russo Brothers directed the pilot, Gail Lerner (previously of Happy Endings) is the showrunner, and the writing staff includes great people such as Curtis Gwinn. So on the surface it may sound broad, but I think it has the potential to be a great show.

  • mjz9022

    So basically they want to be CBS now?

    They really shouldn't, they should play up their strengths. NBC should double down on their trend towards more sophisticated and intellectually appealing comedy.

    Maybe if old people with Neilson boxes weren't the only people advertisers count then maybe NBC would be could afford to keep their better quality shows.

  • Bob

    They peacock comedy?

  • Mcatuara

    I think the Peacock is supposed to look like a small letter "r" We "r" Comedy