Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Thanks to DirecTV/Viacom Squabbling, You Can No Longer Watch 'The Daily Show' or 'Colbert' Online

Viacom and DirecTV are fighting, y'all. Viacom wants DirecTV to pay them more money for their cable networks, and DirecTV is all like, nuh uh, and they don't seem too close to compromise. Viacom has now yanked all of their networks off of DirecTV, and DirecTV started pointing their customers towards online streaming sites in order to get their TV fix while the grownups do their squabbling. But now Viacom has gone and made it impossible to stream clips and episodes of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, amongst others, on their official sites. Hulu and Hulu Plus are not affected, but if you're not a paying Hulu Plus member that's only the last 10 episodes.

Luckily, both shows are dark this week, so there are no new episodes, but if these two gigantic corporations don't stop fighting over how much money each gets to make off of us, the sites will still be locked down next week. Get your shit together, you stupid corporations.

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  • http://sorryyourheinous.tumblr.com syh

    On the whole, the Viacom channels are terrible. I'll miss Comedy Central, but whatever. Feels like the one channel, and, really, only a handful of shows, are being held hostage to pay for all the others.

    And this fight will almost certainly come to Comcast, TimeWarner, etc. soon enough. [Obviously, all of this is just my opinion.]

    • HollywoodCarson

       Preparation H does feel good….on the whole. (hole?)

  • KedogenousWhilom33
  • HollywoodCarson

    Cheez whiz, this is annoying. Come on guys, play nice and everyone can get a big fat piece of pie. By the way, I have an idea for a spinoff of the Daily Show. You know how Jon gets into these deep discussions with his guests (especially the ones that lean to the right) and he always says, "Hey, can you stick around and we'll through this up on the web, etc…"?  Why doesn't Comedy Central take the whole interview, do a quick repackaging and call it "Jon Stewart – Daily Uncut" and boom, you have another 30 minute show with almost no additional cost. Uh… you're welcome, Viacom!