Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Who's on First? Jerry Seinfeld?

Jerry Seinfeld loves baseball and comedy and baseball comedy, which is why this Thursday he'll be appearing in Costas & Seinfeld: Who's on First? on the MLB network (the home of classic comedy). He told the New York Times that Abbott & Costello was a big influence on Seinfeld. Seinfeld points to Jerry and Kramer's "write off" conversation as maybe the closest they got to "Who's on First?" (Both are below, what do you think?) They even gave George the middle name Louis in honor of Costello. Ok, ok, that sounds good and all but seriously who is on first?

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  • ezcheef

    I remember back in the nineties, Seinfeld and Larry Charles (maybe Larry Miller too) hosted a big Abbot and Costello marathon on Comedy Central. I distinctly recall Seinfeld talking about how much Abbot and Costello's tv show influenced his vision of Seinfeld.