Friday, August 31st, 2012

A Collegiate Week in Comedy

- Jon Glaser is joining the cast of Parks and Recreation.

- Abby Elliott gets an arc on How I Met Your Mother.

- Rob Riggle is set to make football jokes for Fox's NFL Sunday pregame coverage.

- We looked at some great college improv groups.

- We examined British comedies you should be glad you've never seen.

- We analyzed chicken impressions from Arrested Development.

- We looked back on the disaster that was the 1997 comedy pilot for The Justice League of America.

- We read the best college humor publications.

- We found the lost roles of Chris Rock.

- We looked back at Johnny Carson, The Tonight Show, and NBC.

- We found out what our favorite comedians were up to in college.

- We discovered the power of slow comedy.

- We looked inside the Second City's comedy studies program.

- We talked to Connor Ratliff, Cathryn Mudon, and Tom Levin about "I'm Too Fragile For This."

- We looked at how college comedies are watched by all ages of dudes.

- We dug into the archives with Joan Rivers.

- We followed @OldManWeldon on Twitter.

And finally, here are your Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week:

The Indoor Kids – "Adam Pally jams on NBA 2K12"

Rejected Pitches – "Pulp Fiction"

Get Your War On – "Tampa"

I'm Too Fragile For This – "Birthday"

"Father-Son Chat with Alan Thicke"

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