Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Bryan Cranston to Cook an Episode of 'The Office'

As we speak, Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston is directing one of the last episodes of The Office. Cranston has some experience directing sitcoms, working on an episode of Modern Family last season and seven episodes of Malcolm in the Middle when he was on it. Still, one could imagine Ellie Kemper being really scared of him. This picture was Instagrammed by Rainn Wilson with the caption: "Free meth for The Office!" Which is funny enough; however, there will be no free meth. He is in the empire business. Don't eff with Heisenberg, Dwight, unless you want to end up like a certain dirt bike.

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  • comfortablesilence

    Dre needs to get Beats on the sets of tv/film productions. Those video village headphones are crap.

    • What

      Seriously? I can not believe you actually wrote that

      • comfortablesilence

        Seriously, I cannot believe you actually responded with that.