Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Over 16 Million People Watched the Preview of 'Go On' Last Night

NBC very wisely used their massive Olympic ratings to lead into a preview showing of the (pretty sad) Go On pilot last night, convincing 16.1 million people to not change the channel after the sports were over. These are bananas huge numbers for an NBC sitcom — Parks and Rec averaged 4.4 million viewers per episode last season, for example. Of course, Parks and Rec never had beach volleyball as a lead-in, did it? In any case, it'll be interesting to see how many people come back when the show officially premieres on September 11. Even half of these numbers would be a huge win for NBC.

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  • MaterteralKloof31
  • Not me

    It was a terrible show, and I'm certainly not returning

  • FubarGuy

    You meant to say "Over 16.1 million people feel asleep after the Olympics coverage & left their TV set to the Preview of the NBC show 'Go On'", right?