Seth Meyers Will Not Play Paul Ryan

Great journalism, TMZ reporter. So with Seth, who we already assumed wasn’t going to do it, out of the race, we’re basically back to Bill Hader and Taran Killam. Hader still seems like the most logical choice but as Meyers told Vanity Fair, they’re still undecided:

“I don’t know. This is exciting, because obviously four years ago there was no argument that Tina [Fey] would play Sarah Palin. And now we’ve got a real horse race. There’s a lot of people, a lot of guys I know, working on their Paul Ryan right now…I’m just saying, there are a lot of guys going to barbershops right now, asking for the widow’s peak.”

One person who unexpectedly has been part of the conversation is B.J. Novak, who kind of looks like Paul Ryan and has been part of an internet campaign to get him the role. This seems very unlikely considering that Novak is a very busy fellow and seemingly has no relationship to the show whatsoever. Adding in the fact that Novak’s background is writing, not acting, it seems like far too much of a risk for Lorne. The best news might just be how much people care about who is going to play a person running for vice-president. Sure, Tina did something special with Palin; however, I imagine you’d get a lot of blank stares, if you went around asking people: “Who played John Edwards on SNL during the 2004 election?”


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