Thursday, August 16th, 2012

The First New 'Arrested Development' Character Will Be Played By…

John Slattery! The Mad Men star will have a multiple episode arc on the new season of Arrested Development. There is no word yet on whom he'll be playing or if he'll be blind or have a law blog. The role is be described as "top-secret," which makes it even more exciting, as if it were a riddle. Maybe he'll play a top secret service agent. Or, better yet, he'll be the president of Pop Secret, the popular popcorn brand – he'll be the top of Pop Secret.

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  • http://sniffingupculture.com/ Romy

    The mere fact that you call it Pop Secret tells me that you're not ready.

  • Fancypants McGillicutty

    He was excellent on 30 Rock.