Tig Notaro Has Breast Cancer

Last week, Tig Notaro revealed, on her podcast Professor Blastoff, that she might have breast cancer. And, sadly, this weekend she confirmed that she in fact does. This was revealed at her show in LA on Saturday, “Tig and Friends,” which was supposed to be a goodbye celebration, as she was going to be moving to New York to work on Amy Schumer’s new Comedy Central show. Tig started her set: “Thank you, thank you, I have cancer, thank you, I have cancer, really, thank you.” As described in a moving account of the night by comedian/writer Kira Hesser, the set that followed was honest, difficult, funny, brilliant. Hesser writers:

For the first half of her set, even though she was telling the story in perfect grace and humor, I couldn’t laugh. For the second half, for the first time in my life, as far as I can recall, I genuinely laughed and cried at the exact same time, bewildered at the tragedy and the remarkably calm, clever prism through which she assessed her terrible set of circumstances.

Here are a few tweets from the comedians who were there that night:

Still, this is just awful, terrible news. And it has come after a very difficult and also very exciting year for Tig. She released her first stand-up album, was profiled in the New York Times, had a legendary set on Conan, killed it on This American Life, got the Schumer gig and had to endure a life-threatening infection, the surprise death of her mother, and a break-up. (Listen to her interview on How Was Your Week, if you want to really get a sense of the high and lows.)

Tig is an absolute genius comedian, who this year in particular seemed to really lock into something special. Below watch the aforementioned Conan set and her telling the story that was on TAL. Our thoughts are we with you, Tig.

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