Alec Baldwin: Future ‘Portlandia’ Meat Salesmen?

Fred Armisen is on this week’s episode of Alec Baldwin’s podcast, Here’s The Thing. It’s a fun conversation about Armisen’s career and features a particularly touching moment when he calls Carrie Brownstein his soulmate. But the best part might come at the end, when Alec Baldwin reveals that the whole interview was just a ploy to get a cameo on Portlandia:

Baldwin: Can I play a customer on Portlandia? Can I come to a restaurant?

Armisen: Any time.

Baldwin: Can I come and just do something? Order a–

Armisen: Any time.

Baldwin: Who would I play? What would I order?

Armisen: I think you would come from Southern California and you’d order all kinds of meats; a meat aficionado. People think of it as a veggie place, but it’s actually a very meaty place.

Baldwin: No?

Armisen: They’re very into – yeah, it’s very like cured meats and sausages, but we haven’t explored that that much.

Baldwin: Maybe I could be a meat salesman.

Armisen: Yeah, even better.

Baldwin: Maybe I could be a meat salesman with all kinds of charts and graphs of the loins–

Armisen: Any time.

Baldwin: And the sections of the pig and the cow and the organs.

Armisen: I love it. The answer’s ‘Yes.’

They kid but that sounds 100% like a sketch that will definitely happen. I look forward to all dem meat jokes. Listen to the whole interview after the jump.

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