Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Delaney Looks Nice and Says Nice Things about Lady Hair

Internet-famous people constantly have to combat other's preconception that they'll be troll-like and speech impediment-filled. That's why it was very smart of him to wear a very smart suit. That being said, he didn't necessarily fight the perception that famous twitters survive on a diet of cellulite and shaved body hair. Speaking of shaved body hair, watch Rob talk about Kim Kardashian and Mitt Romney below:

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  • Darvie

    I ponied up 80 big ones to see Bob Newhart earlier this year and unfortunately was really disappointed. It was about 40 minutes of Grandpa-quality, borderline-racist patter, capped off with one of his trademark one-sided conversations, which was of course the highlight. Just a bit of caution for anyone who might want to check him out expecting more of the transcendent Newhart stuff.