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Earwolf Launches A Whole Bunch of New Podcasts

There are plenty o’ podcasts but that doesn’t mean there’s too many. No really, I’m being serious. Sure there are gaggles of great giggle-inducing shows of comedians chillaxin’ but there are certain topics and niches unaddressed. Well, the Earwolf podcast network is about to address many o’ those niches with a whole mess of new and newish shows.

Specifically, they are adding three music-related shows, including Shortwave, a sort of WTF for musicians hosted by Grant-Lee Phillips. “Getting into music is a natural extension for us,” explained Scott Aukerman. “I have bands on my show all the time, and we all know that musicians and comedians are two groups who hang out and enjoy each other’s company.” Some other highlights include: Nerd Poker, Brian Posehn’s show about Dungeons and Dragons; Love, Dad, David Koechner and Earwolf CEO Jeff Ullrich’s parenting podcast (which is already up and running); and Nocturnal Emotions, Har Mar Superstar’s late night interview show, which will feature guests like Macaulay Culkin. Read the full list of shows below. This is great and everything but it doesn’t distract from the need for more episodes of Mike Detective.

SHORTWAVE, hosted by Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Grant-Lee Phillips, is an in-depth look at musicians both legendary and modern, featuring talk about the craft of music and unique in-studio performances.


NOCTURNAL EMOTIONS, hosted by indie-rock provocateur Har Mar Superstar, is a loose, improvisational interview show, during which the singer chats up his fascinating friends during the wee hours of the night.


SHOTS FIRED is a weekly look into the world of hip-hop, hosted by music journalist Jeff Weiss (writer for LA Weekly and creator of the widely read blog Passion of the Weiss) and underground hip-hop star MC Nocando (Hellfyre Club, Alpha Pup, Low End Theory).


The long-rumored NERD POKER: DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS WITH BRIAN POSEHN will debut soon on the podnet. The podcast mini-series hosted by Posehn follows the self-described “nerd comedian” as he engages in a weekly game of D&D with his funny friends.


THE FOGELNEST FILES, hosted by writer, comedian, and radio personality Jake Fogelnest, is a minutia-obsessed look at ridiculous items from pop culture past, present, and future.  Recorded live at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, each show features Fogelnest and his comedian friends riffing on items from his personal treasure trove of bizarre clips.


LOVE, DAD continues weekly, hosted by comedian and actor David Koechner (Anchorman) and Earwolf CEO Jeff Ullrich (The Wolf Den). LOVE, DAD takes a look at the world of fatherhood from two different perspectives. Each week, the duo discusses issues that concern parents new and old, mixing humor with insight.


YO, IS THIS RACIST?, hosted by Andrew Ti, creator of the popular Tumblr blog of the same name, will debut a daily podcast (Mondays through Fridays) later this month. On the show, Ti answers questions from fan-submitted voicemails and emails about potentially racist situations.


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