Fox Buys Two Sitcoms, Including One from Bill Lawrence; NBC Buys One from Cee Lo (Yes, that Cee Lo)

Fox has purchased a new single-camera comedy from Bill Lawrence called I Suck At Girls. The show is based on a book by the creator of Shit My Dad Says, Justin Halpern, who will also co-write the pilot, and focuses on the growing up of a boy through manhood and eventually fatherhood.

Fox has ordered a pilot script for Bastards, a single-cam family comedy about “a family who has never met.” Jason Micallef, writer of the upcoming feature Butter, and Seth Gordon, director of Horrible Bosses, created the show.

NBC is working with Cee Lo Green to produce a sitcom because…umm. The show will be multi-camera (of course) and be partially based on his life. Ali LeRoi, the co-creator of Everybody Hates Chris, will write the show. Though the idea sounds dumb, Cee Lo is a funny entity and there is a sort of dumb nostalgia to the idea of putting him in a sitcom. It’s like when NBC thought it was a good idea to give Emeril a sitcom.

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