Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

IFC Cancels Kurt Braunohler's Game Show 'Bunk'

The IFC Network has made it a habit of rescuing critically-acclaimed but unjustly-cancelled comedies like Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development, and The Ben Stiller Show by airing their reruns years after the fact, but it seems like IFC has now orphaned a one-season comedy of its own, the Kurt Braunohler-hosted game show spoof, Bunk. During an appearance on The Best Show on WFMU last night, Braunohler announced that the cable network has cancelled Bunk, which aired a 10-episode first (and now only) season this summer. On the bright side, if the show develops a cult following of passionate and devoted fans, IFC will probably start airing Bunk reruns for nostalgia's sake 10 years from now.

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  • http://twitter.com/CricketNerdist Rishabh

    No! I loved Bunk. 'Twas a perfect companion for Comedy Bang Bang.

  • Itsonreserve

    I really liked Bunk. Perhaps, the way shows jump networks after cancelation now, it could find a home as a 15-minute show on Adult Swim? The shorter length would hone the format and make it seem fresh and we'd get more sweet, sweet Braunohler! /wishfulthinking

  • http://twitter.com/Joshonthenet Josh Sieg

    This sucks. I really liked Bunk. I thought Kurt looked familiar when I first started watching. Then I realized he was in the Lesson Van sketch.from Human Giant.

  • Derek Flint

    IFC promotes itself as a home for alternative comedy, but also doesn’t really support it. Both COMEDY BANG BANG and BUNK are inexpensive to produce, but since the former attracts better guest stars it will most likely return since it was not canceled. Still, it’s just a filmed podcast and features lots of sofa time. BULLET IN THE FACE was truly out there and different and it wasn’t supported by IFC and isn’t returning, despite attracting lots of attention and viewer approval. IFC has PORTLANDIA, but nothing else and mostly shows reruns and plenty of movies that aren’t comedies. What is it? What does IFC even stand for now?

  • http://www.facebook.com/kenneth.vansluyters Kenneth Van Sluyters

    I just discovered this show and watched all ten episode I am sad to see it go, Kurt was a magnificent beast of a host.

  • krystal

    This is such a shame! I love Bunk! I would tell my friends about it all the time, and the people I made watch it on demand would immediately become Bunk fans! IFC should get their act together and bring it back, or let another network pick it up. The idea another commenter suggested, about Adult Swim airing Bunk would be awesome! (If they are able to make new ones too, and not just show repeats of course). Anyway, I LOVED the show, I loved the idea, and the people on it. I think IFC could have given them at least a second season.

  • R.J. MacReady

    man they should have cancelled that comedy bang bang crap if anything, an bring back shows like Food Party and Z Rock, an Maron probably wont be back on