Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Attack Ad Against Eric Stonestreet for Stealing Gay American Jobs

Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson was just about the only person from that show who didn't win an Emmy this past weekend, and that's because his co-star and TV husband Eric Stonestreet beat him in the category of Best Supporting Actor. But Ferguson is not taking this defeat lightly. Last night, he took to the airwaves on Jimmy Kimmel Live to rally voters against Eric Stonestreet, who "steals gay American jobs" by being a straight guy playing a gay guy, unlike Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who's a real-deal gay dude. Let's just hope this ad is the first in a series of vicious, escalating attacks between Ferguson and Stonestreet over the course of the next year that results in Ferguson demanding the first-ever Emmy vote recount.

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  • Thjj

    oh please. Actors aren't meant to portray themselves in movies, tv shows, in theatre…no they're meant to be someone else! Nothing is stopping a gay actor from portraying a straight character. Sure it'd be convenient for them if they're character was gay aswell but that's not the point of acting. He deserved that emmy more. We can't separate the acting community because of whoes gay and whoes straight, that's just wrong jesse.