Friday, September 7th, 2012

'SNL' Casts Two Chicagoans: Aidy Bryant and Tim Robinson

The Comics Comic is reporting that SNL has brought in Aidy Bryant and Tim Robinson to join the cast. They're starting in time for the season's premiere on September 15. Both are vets of the Chicago comedy scene: Second City, iO, Annoyance Theater, etc. Aidy was actually once part of a sketch group with Vanessa Bayer at the Annoyance, which is fun. Watch a few videos of the two below to get yourself acquainted. We'd be very surprised if this is it for new cast members; expect at least one other new female performer to be announced before the season kicks off.

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  • Everyone in Chicago

    Why do the NY SNL casting posts get more love from the writers than the Chicago ones? :-(

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=5501616 Adam Frucci

      We know the NY folks as we are NY folks ourselves. But I am excited to get to know these Chicago folks more!

      • Everyone in Chicago

        Hire some Chicago writers to write it up though! There's more than just comedy in NY.

  • Alex


  • hoorayforthis

    Glad to see SNL, after years of neglecting Chicago, starting to realize this place is comedy Mecca.

    • Everyone in Chicago

      I don't know if I'd go so far to say it has MORE significance than the coasts, but it definitely gets neglected, and glossed over. The article that this one links to has WAY more information than is posted on Splitsider… It seems the only theater mentioned by name on here is UCB.

      • hoorayforthis

        Second City. iO. The Annoyance. Definitely more significant than the coasts. Or should be, anyway.

        • Everyone in Chicago

          Groundlings, UCB, and the stand up scene in both LA and NY have delivered great talent as well, while also being back by a lot more industry than Chicago.

          I'm in Chicago, and definitely not trying to bash it, but it's silly to say it carries MORE weight than the coasts. I just wish it wasn't overlooked as much.

          And I wish this site had a little less UCB snobbery, and more careful watching of the comedy world.

          In the wrap up, they make sure to signify that Neil Casey is strictly UCB, while Aidy Bryant and Tim Robinson seem to belong to the city of Chicago.

          Where is your coverage of the several great web series being done in Chicago?

          Is this loud enough Adam Frucci?! Can you get Luke Kelly-Clyne to enter some new territory?

          • Matt Visconage

            Calm down.

    • eavoss

      It's good news for sure! Though I would say iO Chicago has consistently been on Lorne's radar. In 2010, two of the four new castmembers were Chicago folks (Paul Brittain and Vanessa Bayer), and that was after Mike (Pat) O'Brien became one of the top writers. iO/Second City alum Matt Craig also wrote for a little while in 2011. And over the years, TJ Jagodowski, Andy St. Clair, Jack McBrayer, and several other Chicagoans have gotten SNL callbacks. The iO theater has an annual SNL showcase that Lorne attends… one of the few improv theaters in the country for which that's the case.

      Compared to the rest of the industry, SNL is a rare institution that has actually cared about the great talent in Chicago. So cut it some slack.

  • http://twitter.com/gronquil Gregory Ronquillo

    Finally they get some freakin white people on the show. It's about time!

    • CHAR

      What, you color-blind? SNL is full of white people!

  • DavidWizard

    Tim Robinson is brilliant! I used to see him all the time back when I was performing at the Improv Inferno in Ann Arbor. This should be a good season of SNL.

  • Anne

    Aidy is a brilliant performer and a total star in the making. Both of these were great casting decisions by SNL–finally, after years of being subjected to Abby Elliott!

  • Omar

    I knew it. It had to be.

  • Dick

    If the are as funny as these vid clips suggest, SNL can count on many more years of mediocracy.