You Had To Be There #79: Joe DeRosa

This week, Sara justifies her pricy haircut and Nikki presents their guest, comedian Joe DeRosa (Comedy Central Presents, @joederosacomedy). Joe’s currently putting the finishing touches on his new webseries We Should Break Up, in which he and our very own Nikki Glaser star as a couple who by all accounts should call it quits. But minutes into the conversation, a twist! — Joe and Nikki actually dated IRL before tumultuously splitting some time before this calmer collaboration (set to debut in just a few weeks). What results is not relationship rubbernecking but something much richer: a blunt, relatable rundown of the life cycle of a couple and the logistics of somehow remaining friends afterward. Get ready, huge range of emotions on this one.

Download now (MP3), grab it from iTunes, or listen to the stream below.

Hey! Also! Bonus! Nikki was on Conan! Watch her set here.

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