A Funny Thing #33: Losin’ It with Dan Harmon

We’ve been a little scrambled by Hurricane Sandy here at A Funny Thing headquarters. But Kelly and Taylor are safe and sound and now you get to relive one of our weirdest and most-loved episodes.

Dan Harmon, creator of NBC’s Community, Channel 101, and all-around television savant becomes a living avatar of losing things (cats, virginty, trains of thought) on stage at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles. He told this story at the show This Feels Terrible, hosted by Erin McGathy and the story comes to A Funny Thing courtesy of her. Thanks, Erin! If you liked this or didn’t like it even, go check out Harmontown, Dan’s incredible podcast.

Download now (MP3), Subscribe here on iTunes, or listen to the stream of the episode below.

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