A Hiatus-Filled Week in Comedy

Community and Louie are both taking hiatuses. Commmunity‘s is because of NBC’s wishes, Louie‘s is because of C.K.’s. Also, Whitney is on hiatus.

– Fox picked up The Mindy Project and Ben and Kate for full first seasons, Adult Swim picked up Eagleheart for a third, and Jeff Garlin teased a Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9.

– Adam Scott, Jon Hamm, Paul Rudd, and Paul Scheer teamed up for The Greatest Event in Television History.

– We announced Splitsider and Tumblr’s new monthly standup show at UCB East.

– We pondered the misogyny in When Harry Met Sally.

– Sara Schaefer ranked Splitsider’s “Top Ten Sexiest Up-and-Coming Funny Young Underrated Comics with Genitalia That You Should Be Following on Twitter Whose Fresh Faces We Love to Watch.”

– We hit the campaign trail with Presidential contender Connor Ratliff.-

– We talked to Danny Pudi about the eventual fourth season of Community.

– We chatted with T.J. Miller about some of his sillier audition stories (He did not throw a beer bottle at Lorne Michaels’s head).

– We looked ahead at the ex-Onion writers and Adult Swim’s mysterious new web venture, Thing X.

– We Follow Friday-ed Abbi Crutchfield.

– We dove deep into Jay Mohr’s short stint in SNL‘s shallow end.

– We learned what it takes to be a Milton Honors Member.

– We dug up The History Channel’s History of the Joke.

– We looked at Bill & Ted’s ill-fated TV adventure.

– We rifled through Johnny Carson’s archives.


And here are your Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week:

Above Average Network – Sidecar

Bad Lip Reading – Presidential Debate

Funny or Die – The Woman For Mitt Romney

The Onion – Troublehacking with Drew Cleary: How to Know What Words Mean

Jest – Honest Voting Ad

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