Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Amy Poehler Calls Working with Adam Scott "A Challenge"

“Adam [Scott] has this technique which is really cool, which is when the camera’s on me and I’m talking to him, he turns around and makes me deliver the lines to the back of his head. And also when I do it, he shakes his head no. It’s a challenge because it makes me be like, ‘Right, right, I guess I’m not really delivering.’ It’s those little things that for some people make him seem like a total just terrible person to work with. But for me it’s a challenge."

– Amy Poehler to Vulture on the many difficulties involved in working with Adam Scott.

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  • Woody Fentress

    I know that this is a comedy blog, but had I not clicked through to the full Vulture interview I would have assumed that Amy actually did think Adam was a pain in the ass to work with. I only say that because there is no sign in this post that this was a joke.

    • Duh

      uh…..except the actual quote of course.

      anyway, i am glad i clicked through to the vulture article, as the other quotes are even funnier

  • xbox361

    weird, but whatever works