Brandon T. Jackson Is Your New ‘Beverly Hills Cop’

We reported last month that CBS had purchased a new TV version of Beverly Hills Cop that follows Eddie Murphy’s character Axel Foley’s son, Aaron Foley, and now, we know who Aaron Foley is gonna be: comedian and actor Brandon T. Jackson. You may know Jackson from movies like Tropic Thunder, Percy Jackson, and the third Big Momma’s House movie, where he played the (step)son of another iconic character, Martin Lawrence’s Malcolm “Big Momma” Turner. Humor Mill reports that Jackson is in final negotiations to star in the hour-long crime procedural (with strong comedic elements) from creator Shawn Ryan (The Shield).  TV’s Beverly Hills Cop will revolve around West L.A. police officer Aaron Foley trying to escape from the shadow of his father, accomplished fish-out-of-water detective Axel Foley. Eddie Murphy will appear in the pilot as Axel Foley and reprise the role as a recurring guest star throughout the rest of the series’ run, should it get picked up by CBS. We can only hope the network is putting Brandon T. Jackson through a strict regimen of sneaking around to Harold Faltermeyer’s “Axel F,” inserting bananas into vehicle tailpipes, and doing that Eddie Murphy ’80s laugh.

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