Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Jeff Garlin Says There Might Be a Season 9 for 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

After every season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David says, "I never want to do this again," but the President of HBO claimed that this didn't happen for the first time ever after the most-recent season, and was quoted last year as saying he's "cautiously optimistic" about a Season 9 of the long-running pay-cable show. Today, Curb co-star/producer Jeff Garlin sounded optimistic when weighing in on the likelihood of a new season in an interview with The Austin Chronicle today:

The Chronicle: Has the door been closed on a ninth season?

Garlin: No, not at all. I say there's a decent chance.

Larry David is currently busy starring in his star-studded HBO feature film, Clear History, which also features Jon Hamm, Bill Hader, Kate Hudson, and Danny McBride, amongst others. Garlin's a busy guy these days too, currently filming episodes for the new season of Arrested Development. Perhaps when Larry David is done shooting Clear History, but considering that he still has to write and film the new season, don't expect to see it on your screen anytime before 2014 at the very earliest. And that's all assuming that the HBO movie won't leave Larry David in one of his "I never want to do this again" moods.

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  • awaiken

    This needs to happen

  • whocareboutmyname

    this rich prick larry david better not dies before he made at least another 8 seasons of curb your enthusiams!

    you all get us entertained for the first time since alfred hitcock presents and now you just gonna stop cause you wanna quit while you are ahead?
    you know what quitting whiel ahead is overrated!
    dont quit while it is on it's best quit after season 30 when nobody wants to see it anymore,
    because to me season 30 CYE still beats vampyre diares reallity tv and all the other mindnumbing crap on tv

  • Ben

    I love this show. After watching the episodes where they're filming the reunion of Seinfeld it makes watching Seinfeld better because I can picture Larry David, et al off scene laughing like crazy at the show. It's a whole new way to watch Seinfeld, which I've seen reruns over and over. Anyways, I hope they make more episodes. I think there are new ideas to explore with the show and it has at least a couple more seasons left before it's run out.

  • Mhaus

    I was really disappointed we had no Curb this year, hopefully next year will be different.

  • Rob

    Larry David is a comical genius. I have every Season and want to add more!! I'm addicted.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DJ.Bryanschultz Bryan Schultz

    C'mon Larry! We need a few more seasons. Nothing makes me laugh harder then Curb Your Enthusiasm. We want season 9! :)

    • Kayz

      We need season 9!!

  • http://twitter.com/PoofyMcgee WillyWallace

    My favorite episode is sill the kamakaza one with the old man in the wheel chair

  • Sarah

    I NEED Curb back in my life. Please make this happen!