Kyle Kinane’s New Comedy Central Web Series Puts Political Ads in Their Place

Comedy Central has given hilarious stand-up Kyle Kinane a brand new web series, called “30 Seconds Over Washington,” as part of their Indecision 2012 coverage. In each episode, Kinane takes a look at absurd political ads, both local and national, and riffs on them. Here’s the first installment, in which he plays crazy “Vote for Me” ads from a racist, a bestialist, a guy who slurs a lot, and ex-Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, who ends up being the least crazy of the bunch with an ad that leans heavily on the public’s love for Chuck Norris jokes. It’s a nice showcase for Kyle Kinane’s sense of humor, and hopefully it’ll be the start of a long relationship between Kinane and Comedy Central.

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