Louis C.K. Is Bringing His Black T-Shirt and Jeans to ‘SNL’ November 3rd

NBC announced this weekend that beloved comedian Louis C.K. will be hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time ever next Saturday, November 3rd, with musical guest Fun. It’ll be SNL’s last episode before this big election thing everyone’s been talking about, so C.K. seems like kind of an odd selection since he isn’t really much of a political comedian (or a sketch comedy actor, for that matter). Either way, it’s a bold, high-profile hosting pick that’ll make for a particularly exciting Election Week episode and a big comedy event to look forward to. Just don’t expect Louis C.K. to dress up fancy. He’ll probably just show up in his trademark black T-shirt and blue jeans, unless David Lynch is able to convince him otherwise. That’s assuming that this whole thing isn’t just a ploy by Jerry Seinfeld, who’s probably using Louie as a pawn in his scheme to be the actual host of SNL November 3rd.

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