Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Maria Bamford Has "A Tiny Part" in 'Arrested Development' Season 4

As you're probably aware, federal legislation was put into effect this year requiring all entertainment blogs to report every new detail that emerges about the new season of Arrested Development, no matter how small. So that we don't get fined or shut down by the feds, this is our legally-required report about stand-up Maria Bamford having "a tiny part" in Arrested Development's fourth season. I spoke with Bamford yesterday (we'll be running the full interview next week), and here's what she had to say about her role in the show:

"I have a tiny part in Arrested Development… It'll be fun. It's gonna be great… I only got a little scene or whatever, but it was so exciting. Such a funny, elaborate, awesome, incredible show… I got to see a scene with Will Arnett, and he just did a beautiful job. And Mitch Hurwitz was so lovely. It's just amazing to see them work. It's really just neat."

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    Whether or not you are a definite devoted fan of Arrested Development, or have only seen an episode or two, the acting constantly stands out as among the show's unique bootcamp workouts achievements. The cast of Arrested Development, whether they were known before it began, or even were nobody important, have each relocated on to become huge stars.