Monday, October 1st, 2012

Oprah and Stephen Colbert, Two Equally Influential TV Icons, Finally Have a Chat

Stephen Colbert dropped by Oprah's show Oprah's Next Chapter, and the two iconic TV personalities finally faced off in what was a rare out-of-character interview for Colbert. The full chat, which is available in bits and pieces on Oprah's website, covers Colbert's career arc, the tragic loss of his father and brothers in a plane crash when he was a child, and his loving relationship with his wife. Throughout the whole thing, Oprah seems pretty obsessed with the fact that Stephen Colbert plays a fictional character on TV also named Stephen Colbert, even though she's been playing the fictional character of "Oprah Winfrey" on TV for nearly 30 years now.

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  • http://twitter.com/megh_wright Megh Wright

    This was such a letdown. I haven't watched an Oprah interview in a long time, so I completely forgot how much she butts in and finishes her interviewees' sentences and kind of does this one-upper thing the whole time — it's like every time Colbert shared some cool insight or revelation Oprah punctuated it like OH YEAH I'VE ALWAYS SAID THAT, JOY IS SO MUCH BETTER. Ugh! Oh well. I still love me some Colby.

    • http://twitter.com/bradfordevans Bradford Evans

      Megh, what if Oprah sees this?