Friday, October 19th, 2012

Tig Notaro Reflects on Her Turbulent Year in a 'GQ' Interview

"Well, originally I wasn't planning on releasing it. I was just kind of doing the material to see what was usable for Ira for This American Life. Then, when Louis C.K. called and said he wanted to release it as an album from his site, I was like, 'There's no way I'm releasing that. That was not worked-out material.' Then I thought about how it could possibly help people to hear about the horrendousness I had been through and the help I had gotten. I figured, if I could help somebody—even if it meant swallowing my perfectionist ways—I should."

– Tig Notaro to GQ about her famous, best-selling Largo set.

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  • kevin s

    tig notaro did this to make money and to get the fame she could never get otherwise. What a joke — she did it to help others. She would never help a soul. I even helped her out and lied in court and she wouldn't help me.

    This is a "woman" who was estranged from her whole family. This is a woman who is a pathological and dangerous liar who bullies any one she sees as a threat. This is someone who gets her "friends' to lie for her and to even perjure themselves and then she turns on them too.
    Tig notaro is a ruthless psycho who needs to be locked up.