Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Today in Lena Dunham: Race, Letterheads, and Directing

Speaking at Fortune magazine’s annual Most Powerful Women conference yesterday, Girls star/creator/producer/director/writer Lena Dunham addressed the criticism her HBO series received during its first season for its lack of minority characters. Dunham said she experienced “heartbreak at the idea that the show would make anyone feel isolated” and promised the second season would include "a multitude of new characters in the show. There are some of color. Some are not. Some are Caucasian.” It’s already been reported that Donald Glover will be appearing in the new season, but Dunham seems to have some female minority characters planned, saying she’s reacting to people "who are women of color who want to see themselves reflected on screen."

In other Lena Dunham news today, she was also the subject of a profile in The Hollywood Reporter, in which she discussed her relationship to directing, amongst other things: “I love acting, but I consider myself a writer who uses directing as one of her tools for telling a story." Dunham also allowed her personal letterhead to be featured on the website Letterheady. Girls returns to HBO for its second season January 2013.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=507894702 Adam Coe

    sorry, this always bugs me…if you're not the kind of person who would say "coloured people" then you can't weasel out by saying "people of colour." we're all a colour. "visible minority" i guess is fine (ie. someone is of a race that is not the majority, and you can see them) although if you ask members of visible minorities, most of them will tell you it's a lame term. you can just say "black guys" and whatever, it's not a slur, it's simply describing a guy who's black. or japanese. or egyptian, etc. i swear it's more offensive when people try not to be offensive. everyone knows what you're trying to say, just spit it out.