Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Will Ferrell, Old Milwaukee Pitchman, Returns to the Airwaves…In Sweden

You may remember that a few months back a couple of ads popped up in random, tiny TV markets featuring one Mr. Will Ferrell speaking on behalf of Old Milwaukee. This wasn't a plan hatched by that swill maker; it was just something he did on his own and they were obviously fine with. And now our favorite canned beer pitchman is back, this time in Stockholm, laughing at the silly Swedish language. On Swedish TV. Do they even sell Old Milwaukee in Sweden? I hope not, because it just makes this ad all the more absurd.

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  • viewdrix

    I believe he talked about it on the Nerdist podcast, and said that no, they do not sell Old Milwaukee beer in Sweden. His wife is Swedish, so they decided to shoot some ads while on vacation. I think Adam McKay flew himself there to shoot it, solely for the sake of the joke.