You Had To Be There #85: Dan St. Germain

This week, Nikki considers the pros and cons of her new Manhattan digs and tells a grand story of comedic rebellion that explains why she doesn’t get many corporate gigs. Though this is comedian Dan St. Germain‘s (John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show, My Dumb Friends podcast) first official YHTBT appearance, he was previously the guest on this podcast’s only lost episode, locked away in the Disney Vault for being, in Dan’s words, “too sad.” The talk this time around starts out kind of dour, too, with tales of epically vindictive exes, but soon morphs into a fun litany of frank sexual histories, including Dan’s weird nuts, Sara’s minor orgy, and something called “Jeff Dunhamming.” Combat post-Sandy cabin fever with this great episode (and then check out this recent post from previous guest Gavin McInnes celebrating Nikki’s photos from the subways (remember those?)).

Download now (MP3), grab it from iTunes, or listen to the stream below.

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