Earwolf Has a New Podcast about Reality Shows

Podcasting network Earwolf just launched a new comedy show today, called The Reality Show Show. The program is hosted by Sean Clements, an L.A.-based improviser and Workaholics writer, and Hayes Davenport, a Jeopardy! loser who wrote with Clements on Fox’s Allen Gregory, and sees the duo discussing the week in reality TV in each installment. The first episode involves the pair chatting about The X-Factor, Shark Tank, and Real World/Road Rules Challenge, with a Survivor-centric comedy sketch and a short appearance from guest DC Pierson also mixed in. It’s been a couple months since Earwolf launched a new comedy show, and The Reality Show Show is a nice addition to the network’s lineup. We’re still waiting on the long-promised podcast Nerd Poker, which involves Brian Posehn playing D&D with his comedy buddies.

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