Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: ‘It’s OK to Do Stuff,’ A Comedy Album Featuring Lizzy Caplan, Andy Richter, and Fred Willard

Longtime Daily Show and Conan writer Rob Kutner has masterminded a new comedy album called It’s OK to Do Stuff that drops today on Rooftop Comedy. It’s a comedic homage to the 1972 feminist album Free to Be… You and Me by Marlo Thomas and Friends, arriving on the 40th anniversary of that album. It’s OK to Do Stuff features tracks from Lizzy Caplan, Fred Willard, Eugene Mirman, Andy Richter, Colin Hanks, Samantha Bee, Wyatt Cenac, Eddie Pepitone, James Urbaniak, Fred Stoller, Megan Amram, and more. Here’s a sample track called “Boy Meets Girl” featuring Fred Willard and Lizzy Caplan:

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