Jason Woliner’s New Novelty Shirt Business is a Fiasco

Comedian Jason Woliner, the non-performing fourth member of Human Giant and a resident writer/director on Adult Swim’s Eagleheart, attempted to get into the novelty T-shirt business last week, but so far, it’s been a complete disaster. Woliner started his business, the Je Shirt Company, last Tuesday to market a “Che Leno” novelty shirt, a mash-up of Jay Leno and Che Guevara’s faces. Customers were unable to recognize the face as being Jay Leno’s and the shirt had to be redesigned, kicking off a series of mishaps and public Twitter meltdowns that continue to this day. Woliner has lost thousands of dollars on the shirt line in less than a week and as a result, crashed his car, which he is now attempting to sell for $18,000 on the Je Shirt store. Despite all of these obstacles and blunders, it looks like Jason Woliner is still pressing forward with his novelty T-shirt enterprise. These are clever designs for T-shirts that I think a lot of people would be interested in. It’s just a shame they’re not being sold by someone who has his act together.

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