Julie Klausner Makes Her ‘Today Show’ Debut

Here’s comedian, writer, and podcaster Julie Klausner making what we hope is the first of many appearances on The Today Show this morning, sitting down with Today‘s Willie Geist, who gets in a nice Keith Richards slam. Klausner is on the show as an emissary for New York magazine’s entertainment blog Vulture, introducing the Today Show audience to Vulture‘s Approval Matrix. It’s part of a new gig Klausner has with Vulture that involves her making weekly original videos for the site and also appearing as the public face of Vulture on TV as needed. Comedians and morning TV haven’t always gone together well (Letterman’s 1980 morning show was great but underappreciated), but Julie Klausner manages to be really funny on The Today Show in a way that jibes well with the program.

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