Louis C.K. Talks ‘SNL’ and Boating on ‘Fallon’

Louis C.K., who’s hosting SNL this weekend, got to talk shop with ex-SNL-er Jimmy Fallon on his show last night. Seems like things are coming along nicely with C.K.’s preparations for hosting SNL. Although he says the table read started out as “a nightmare,” it looks like he pulled through. C.K. revealed there’s one embarrassing sketch he’s acting in with a costume that he doesn’t enjoy. Says C.K., “I knew there should be one thing in it that I really don’t wanna do. When I think about this one sketch, I go, ‘Oh, God. That’s gonna be awful.’ I get really, really a little dizzy and ill… It’s the one that I said, ‘Please don’t cut this sketch’ because I hate it.” Sounds like it should be pretty easy to know on Saturday which sketch C.K. is talking about, but like Fallon says, trying to pick which sketch he absolutely hates should make for a fun guessing game.

Check out the first part of the interview, in which Louis C.K. tells stories of his boat-related misadventures, after the jump:

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