Mark Hamill Loves ‘The Simpsons’

“I got up on my high horse! I said, ‘Oh, I’ve never done dinner theater, I’ve been on Broadway. I’ve never worn my costume in public for money. How dare they.’ And my kids were like, ‘Dad, get over yourself. It’s The Simpsons, for God’s sake.’ Some of the jokes still really stand out, like, ‘Talk about Star Wars!’ ‘I’m happy to talk about Star Wars. But first, I’d like to talk about Sprint.’ [Laughs.] And Homer screaming out, ‘Shut up, you nerds. He’s trying to save you money on long-distance phone calls.’ Look, there’s certain benchmarks in your career, and that’s one of them. Talk about your cultural icons. I just adored The Simpsons…”

– Mark Hamill, reminiscing about his Simpsons episode to The A. V. Club. His Twitter photo is still his Simpsons character.

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