This Week in Comedy: ‘Arrested Development,’ Judd Apatow, and a Coked-Up Heckler

– Michael Cera is writing for the new season of Arrested Development.

– Standup Jake Weisman invited a heckler onstage who accidentally dropped a bag of cocaine.

– Judd Apatow says HBO is making a third season of Girls.

– Scott Aukerman is ending the Comedy Bang Bang live show after an impressive 10 year run.

– We interviewed John Lurie, Charlie Murphy, and Eric Idle.

– We dug up Louis C.K.’s first HBO special Shameless.

– We examined the legacy of Beverly Hills Cop and the Beverly Hills Cop/Crocodile Dundee crossover that almost happened.

– We pondered NBC’s choice not to pick up the Munsters reboot Mockingbird Lane.

– We revisited Rob Schneider’s copy-makin’ stint on SNL.

– We watched Women Aren’t Funny and the last Steve Allen Show.

– We tried to get you to watch ABC’s The Middle.

– We heard a levelheaded, sensible argument from a reasonable man.

And here are your Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week:

BriTANicK – “The Dinner Party”

Brian Firenzi and Maria Del Carmen – “Why Doesn’t MTV Play Music Videos Anymore?”

Funny or Die – “Lost Bond Film” (dir. by Danny Jelinek)

The Onion – “The Onion’s Extremely Accurate History of the Internet, Part 1: —Humanity’s Terrible Past: 50,000 Years Without WiFi”

Jake Weisman – The video where a heckler drops a bag of cocaine onstage

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