What to Expect from ‘Girls’ Season 2

Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive first look at Girls‘ new season, which premieres on HBO on January 13th. WARNING: MILD SPOILERS CONTAINED BELOW: The new season will involve Jessa dealing with a bunch of puppies  her new husband (Chris O’Dowd) bought her as a wedding gift (pictured here). Meanwhile, Adam is recovering from the car accident last season and is still feeling hurt by Hannah. Speaking of Hannah, she’s now living with her gay ex-boyfriend Elijah(Andrew Rannells), and the two throw a karaoke housewarming party that doesn’t go as planned. Lena Dunham, Girls‘ creator/star/writer/producer/director/probably the sound editor too, tells EW, ”You know how an infant doubles its weight in the first few weeks of its life? That’s what’s happening to these girls right now.” So, that’s what you can expect from Girls‘ new season. What can you expect from the internet’s reaction to Girls‘ new season? A lot of obnoxious trolling.

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