Conan Announces a New Fan Contest, “Occupy Conan”

Conan O’Brien announced a brand new contest for fans on his self-titled TBS talk show last night. Called “Occupy Conan,” the contest asks fans to recreate and film one of 79 clips available on the Team Coco website and send the finished product into the show. All the selected clips will be edited together to make an hour-long episode of Conan that will air on TBS. One winner gets a VW Beetle, and 200 more will receive smaller Conan-related prizes. And unfortunately, the part of the above video with Andy Richter getting a bunch of ping pong balls dumped on his convertible is not one of the pre-selected clips.

In case Conan and Andy (or me) explaining the rules above was too complex for you, hit the jump for a web-only video where Conan once again explains the rules, this time from a “real gritty urban setting”:

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