Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Jason Schwartzman Is Coming to 'Parks and Rec'

It's been an impressive season for guest stars over at Parks and Recreation, with Joe Biden, Lucy Lawless, and John McCain dropping by the critically-acclaimed series, and now, Jason Schwartzman is being thrown into the mix. The Huffington Post reports that the Bored to Death and Rushmore actor will be guest starring in an episode later this season as Dennis Lerpiss, the owner of Pawnee VideoDrome. VideoDrome is the last independent video store in Pawnee, and Leslie tries to save the struggling business by getting it designated a historical landmark. If you know any young Parks and Recreation viewers, this episode will require you to explain to them what a video store is.

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    OK I just gotta say…. This is cool news but I hate when anybody does that shit you(the writer) did there at the end. Seriously. We know what a fucking video store is! Okay?! That just happened! They died what two years ago? I don't think anyone who doesn't remember a video store watches Parks and Rec. And seriously I know you were making a joke but it's not funny- we're all mourning! JESUS. You're like my fucking professors that try to teach us about how "In the past- there were film projectors…." WE KNOW. Get off of it. You're not old- just boring.