Jeff Zucker Wants to Make His Own ‘Daily Show’ for CNN

Ousted NBC President Jeff Zucker was named the President of CNN Worldwide last month, and today, news comes in that Zucker is trying to develop a late night comedy show a la The Daily Show for CNN. The NY Daily News reports that Zucker is talking to talent agents who represent “smart, funny comics like Jon Stewart” for a possible “late night comedy.” Any speculation on who would make a good late night host for CNN? Or for who they’re gonna pick, which will be an entirely different thing than who would be good for the job? This won’t be the all-news network’s first attempt at a late night comedy show. In 2008, CNN hired Original King of Comedy D.L. Hughley to host D.L. Hughley Breaks the News, an unsuccessful stab at a weekly comedic news show that had a short five month run before it was canceled. It should be interesting to see who gets this job, should CNN and Jeff Zucker move forward with the project. At least Zucker can’t pick his old buddy Jay Leno because he’s locked down at NBC into 2014.

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