Friday, December 14th, 2012

Joe DeRosa Deals with a Heckler and Analyzes It on 'Modern Comedian'

Here's the latest episode of Scott Moran's excellent documentary web series Modern Comedian, focusing on comedian Joe DeRosa. Modern Comedian wasn't setting out to capture DeRosa getting into a battle of words with a heckler, but it happened and seeing DeRosa fight back and his analysis after is pretty entertaining. Too bad he didn't search his heckler for cocaine.

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  • Roger


  • Anon A. Mus

    What? Since when is a heckler someone that the comedian *starts* talking to?

    His joke has potential but, given much of the audience's reaction through the bit, it obviously needs work. This video wasn't about 'a heckler'. It was more about how to tell a joke poorly, and then blame the audience for not getting it.

    • Anon O. Mus

      It was a rhetorical question

  • Clayton J

    Modern Comedian is such an excellent series. DeRosa EP was great.

  • http://twitter.com/eclaireanderson Emily

    I'm irritated by this video on so many levels – calling a woman who you've engaged in a conversation "a dumb bitch" is a great way to lose your audience. Apologizing to your audience is a good indicator that you've bombed spectacularly. Devoting an entire webisode to "analyzing" your failed set is a major sign that you should stop being so self-indulgent and spend more time on your material. People like nurses, dude. Other occupational subjects to avoid: Firemen. Hospice workers. Police dogs. Hot dog vendors…

  • http://www.facebook.com/librarymans Daniel Loo

    Does he not realize that hospitals have CEOs? There is a literal "guy who runs the hospital" and if he really had a problem with his mother's care, he should DEFINITELY contact the CEO.