Kevin Smith Is Planning for His Last Movie to Be ‘Clerks III’

Writer/director Kevin Smith announced that he’d be retiring last year after he made one last movie. That movie was supposed to be the hockey drama Hit Somebody, but Smith decided to make that two movies before scrapping that idea and announcing today via Twitter that he’s turning it into a six-part miniseries. Smith also said on Twitter that, with the Hit Somebody shift, he now has a different movie in mind for his writing/directing swan song: Clerks III. It’s kind of perfect that Kevin Smith will be leaving directing with the exact characters and world he started out with when he made his first movie, the original Clerks, in 1994. Smith says the project is a go “the minute Jeff Anderson [who plays Randall] signs on.” So, it’s pretty much a sure thing, assuming that Jeff Anderson doesn’t hold out and ask for a ton of money.

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