NBC Is Keeping Alec Baldwin Around a Little While Longer

Alec Baldwin just signed a new two-year deal with Universal TV that will keep him at NBC a little while after 30 Rock ends its run on January 31st. Deadline reports that the deal will involve Baldwin, who’s also a producer on 30 Rock, developing and producing TV shows, one of which might be a starring vehicle for himself. This news comes just after NBC locked Tina Fey into a new four-year deal a few months ago. Alec Baldwin sticking with TV comes as a bit of a surprise since he’s been talking about quitting acting for years now. There have also been longstanding rumors about Baldwin pursuing a career in politics, plus the rumor that I’m creating right now about Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey staying at NBC so she can write a Jack Donaghy spin-off for him.

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