Paul Feig: “The Funniest People I Know Are Always Women”

“All the funniest people I know are always women… I would also feel sick to my stomach when I would see these movies and how bad the female roles were. In a comedy, they were always the mean girlfriend or the bitchy whoever. Comedy’s just so male driven behind the scenes that I think a lot of comedians have kind of a little boy’s perception of women, like: ‘oh they ruin the fun,’ or ‘they’re just mom breaking up a good time.’ It’s always just bothered me to see women relegated to such bad roles. All my favorite people that were making me laugh were female comedians on SNL. So I feel very comfortable writing female characters.”

Bridesmaids director and Freaks and Geeks creator Paul Feig to The Credits about his use of strong female characters in his comedies.

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